About us

DIAMOND HOMES is a firm operating in the wider tourism, refurbishment, and decoration industry.

  • We renovate, furnish, equip, and decorate homes, in order to get them ready to provide short-term accommodation to travelers from all over the world.
  • As professional hosts, we are responsible for managing bookings and accommodating visitors.
  • We provide advice and expertise to homeowners and hosts who operate by themselves.

In late 2015, George and Ira came up with the idea of DIAMOND HOMES.

The emerging trend of providing hospitality through Airbnb, George's multifarious talent in construction, the joy of creating, and the opening of new horizons, led us to the decision of getting involved in the apartment rental business. We started in February 2016, and one-and-a-half year later we had 7 apartments completed and made available for rental. What we did was to turn them into well-designed and aesthetically pleasing spaces, fully equipped for the provision of short-term daily hospitality to visitors from all over the world.

We put our own work and care in all cases, paying attention even to the slightest detail. We wanted our homes to be unique; to express our love for aesthetics, detail, functionality, and quality. In a nutshell, we wanted our homes to shine like small diamonds in the city. And this is what we achieved.

In January 2018, the idea was turned into reality, and DIAMOND HOMES was born.

Its aim is to grow its chain of diamonds as fast as possible. We are looking forward to entering new premises, detecting their special character, and turning them into ideal destinations, ready to offer hospitality. It will be our pleasure to work together with people who own or operate properties and wish to put them to use in the wider tourism industry.

We are eager to help them offer the market the best possible “product,” with the smallest possible investment.

And since there is no better way to learn about us than getting to know us, please, contact us in order to arrange a meeting as soon as possible.


We design and implement the partial or full renovation of your premises, with organized crews.


We fully furnish and equip the premises, offering them their unique character.


We undertake the photo shoot of your premises, highlight its special features and publish it online.


We undertake the full management, online and physical, of booking and stays in your premises.