This is something that you have to answer by yourself, after considering the following: where are your premises located and what is the demand for this area; what size are your premises; how much money can you currently earn from the long-term lease of these premises and how much can you earn from a short-term lease; what is the legal-taxation regime and how can you operate within this framework; whether you intend to manage your premises yourself or assign management to professionals; how much money will the design and preparation of the premises cost; and how fast do you wish to recover costs? If you need any help in answering any of the above, we will gladly provide it, without any cost or commitment from your part. Please, communicate with us.

Not necessarily. Your premises may also be partially renovated or even remain as they are, under certain conditions. As far as renovation is concerned, we cannot speak in general, since each case is different and requires specific study. We will definitely need to visit the premises, in order to be able to answer this question.

The rooms that mostly determine whether a house is “old” or “new”, is the kitchen and the bathroom. Moreover, we can focus on the area we wish to highlight as the main attraction of the house, for example a large balcony or a balcony with a view. That said, this also was to do with each individual case.
If you are in need of complete renovation, but are afraid of the cost, don't hesitate to talk to us and you may be surprised by the value-for-money packages we can offer.

Absolutely not. The furnishing, equipping, and decoration packages we offer have been carefully designed in order to provide the most cost-efficient solutions, create the optimum environment for visitors, and provide them with the most important amenities.

Everything! We design the layout, and we purchase, transport, assemble, and install all furniture and appliances and all necessary home equipment. We also enrich the premises with special constructions and decorative objects that offer the house its unique style. Finally, we prepare the premises for the photo shoot. During all the above, we never forget our key principle, i.e. to combine excellent results with utmost cost-efficiency.

This depends on many factors, such as the location of the apartment, its size, the short-term lease market in your town or city (supply and demand), and the legal and tax regime. The owner of a well-prepared and efficiently managed apartment that lies within a 3 km radius from the center of Athens can realistically expect to recover their investment within approximately 2 years in case they manage the apartment by themselves, or within approximately 2.5 years in case they outsource management. The investment would cover an important renovation, total furnishing and equipment of the space. The calculations above are based on 2018 market data, and, of course, any deviation is possible in the future.


Properly communicating with the people we work with is always one of our prime concerns. After viewing the premises and discussing about your wishes and needs, we will come up with a plan that is acceptable by both parties. Being more experienced, we will present you with suggestions and strategies, which can, to a certain extent, be adapted to your standards.

This stage is much more sensitive and much more crucial in regard to the final impact of your premises in the short-term lease market. As discussed elsewhere, what potential visitors will see is what mostly affects their decision to make a booking or not. This is why we will ask you to trust us completely in this point. Be sure that we will do nothing unnecessary and that all our proposals pay particular attention to cost affordability. We fully respect the opinion of all our potential partners, we are well aware that taste is subjective and that no one has to be a professional in order to make a house look good. That said, DIAMOND HOMES is here, not only to prepare your premises, but also to offer you something much more important, the character your premises deserve and are suited to. So, we suggest that you exploit our offer, and we are certain that you will be fascinated by the result.

In most cases, existing furniture may impose such great constraints that it is impossible to give the house its appropriate character; therefore, we must accept that they have to go, in order to create a new house “from scratch.” There are, however, some instances when some old piece of furniture, either in original condition or renovated, can fit the premises and help attain the desired style. So, we should inspect them together and decide what to do.

Of course. After viewing your premises and discussing with you, we will present you with the overall cost and its components, and you will decide whether to start or not.

You are not obliged to work with us on all stages of the project. If your premises are not in need of renovation, we will start from furnishing. If you wish to manage the premises on your own, our collaboration will end with the photo shoot and/or online listing. If you wish to outsource the management to us, we should, at least, have worked together in equipping, decoration, photo shooting and online registration, with the exception of special cases.

In the entire region of Attica. Special consideration may be given to exceptional cases of high tourist-traffic areas.

In areas within the City of Athens and locations not farther than 500 meters from Metro stations. Moreover, special consideration may be given to exceptional cases of high tourist-traffic areas outside the region of Attica.

Our fee is 25% on the daily rent of the property. The great benefit for the owners who cooperate with us is that they will be taxed only for their own incomes (ie 75%) and not for all receipts which additionally include cleaning fees. Contact us to discuss all of the relevant details and possibilities.


As far as Athens houses are concerned, we undertake Stage D in full, i.e. we cannot provide online management, cleaning, or reception services separately. As far as premises outside of Athens are concerned, we can undertake only online management and communication.


A new listing will be created in our own profile. The most important reason is that it is required by the recent law about the Short-Term Register. If the owner already has a listing in their own profile, they can temporarily disable it without deleting it, so that they can start managing it again in the future by keeping their own history, in case our cooperation ends. 

Mainly with Airbnb, but in certain occasions we may work with other platforms or use other means of promotion. Out training package concerns only online management through the Airbnb platform.

Of course. As described on Stage C, we can offer you our expertise, as well as tailor-made advice that will help you undertake the entire management of your premises.
See the Diamond Training package

Irrespective of whether our partnership is on a percentage fee, or monthly rent, basis, we want you to rest assured that, if sometime you wish for this partnership to end, we will fully respect your wishes. It is crucial, however, to understand that when the premises have been booked for the next few months, these bookings cannot be canceled. Although we will try to transfer the visitors to other apartments, it is not certain that we will succeed in doing so, and therefore our partnership will have to end after the last stay has been completed. We usually keep a house's ledger open for the next 6 months. In any case, we are certain that with proper communication, honesty, and good will we will avoid any difficult situation and will manage to find any solutions required. 

If you work with us in design and creation (Stages A and B), you will start with the fact that our apartment is one of the best in its kind. If you assign the photo shoot and listing (Stage C) to us, you will know that your premises will enjoy the best possible promotion. If you trust our advice, you will obtain the knowledge you need in order to operate as good hosts. If we continue working together in management (Stage D), you will be sure that the job is done perfectly. All the above will give you what it takes to beat the competition in the short-term lease market.

You can see the premises we have created and our impact in the short-term lease market. You can meet us in person and tell us about any concerns you may have regarding your premises. You can study our proposals and offers. And if all of these tell you to trust us, then we are sure that you'll make the best choice.